27 February 2017



As we wrote yesterday, Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms has been finally announced and unveiled on IGN with an exclusive feature.

You can read about it here and all around the network!

From Australia to Russia, passing through Africa and Nordic, we have received amazing feedbacks from players, RPG fans and magazine’s readers.

Moreover, we had a few other outlets running the same feature locally we would like to thank for the kind words and their first enthusiastic feedbacks!

Firt of all, check out Multiplayer Alaloth preview at this link in Italy, 4Players Alaloth preview at this link in Germany, and Vandal Alaloth preview at this link in Spain!

Want more? We also have Sector from Slovakia or Gamereactor all over the network as Eurogamer is!
DualShockers is live too as may RPG-focused websites such as RPG Watch!

We have even more than 150 articles around the web with dozens of websites writing of the game in their own language. This is really amazing!

Furthermore, printed press is going out in a while too in many different places.

Keep your eyes on kiosks on April issues of your favourite mags!

Missives from the Four Kingdoms